AIND / Giant Steps 

In 1992, the American Institute for Neuro-Integrative Development (AIND), was formed as a 501(c)(3) Connecticut not-for-profit corporation to develop Giant Steps CT School, and to support other education, medical research, and advocacy efforts to enhance the lives of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), developmental disabilities, and related neurological impairments.

Giant Steps CT is a Connecticut State-approved private school for students diagnosed with ASD and/or other neurological impairments, ages 3-21 years opened in September, 1993.  We provide our students with a uniquely comprehensive program to meet their individual educational and therapeutic needs, while supporting meaningful inclusion and participation in their home school district and community.



Extraordinary Lengths

Giant Steps was founded by a group of very determined parents and professionals who went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their children, and many more students in the future, would have the chance to reach their full potential. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff implement programs that are child specific, intensive, respectful, current with research, and presume competence in our students.

After a careful review of student records, a family interview, and an extensive student assessment, goals and objectives are developed cooperatively with the student’s family and sending school district or agency. Each student is supported by a one-to-one Educational Instructor, a Special Education Teacher, and a team of therapists to implement the goals of the student’s Individualized Educational Plan.

Supported in Unique and Creative Ways

Students with ASD are extremely heterogeneous, presenting with a wide variety of strengths and needs affecting how they learn and respond to their environment. They require careful and continued assessment by experienced professionals. The world can be a very unpredictable place for them and they need to be supported in unique and creative ways.

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