Jerry Newport : June 18, Weds, 2 PM

by admin on June 15, 2014

 We are honored to have Jerry Newport speaking at Giant Steps.  Jerry will share his inspiring story and answer questions. Jerry is a member of the AIND/Giant Steps Professional Advisory Board, and has been a good friend to Giant Steps for many years.    Please RSVP to Kaitlin if you would like to attend.  Space is limited. 

Jerry grew up with Asperger syndrome in New York. canadian casino news Because of his savant skill with numbers, he flew “under the autism radar” until he graduated in 1970 with a degree in math from the University of Michigan but with no clue about life. Jerry spent most of his adult working life as a taxi driver. It was not until 1989 that Jerry saw “Rain Man.” The movie helped Jerry recognize his savant abilities and autistic obsessions. He wondered if he could be autistic too. Eventually diagnosed, Jerry became active with ASA and helped found AGUA, an adult support group. AGUA also introduced Jerry to his future wife, Mary Meinel. They have written several books on autism subjects and also inspired a movie, “Mozart and The Whale,” based on their initial contact and challenge of a relationship. Jerry lives in Tucson, AZ with Mary and their happy flock of seven birds. In 2010, Jerry won the title, “Most Versatile Calculator” at the Mental Math World Cup in Germany. 


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